i like my job for the most part, but now that they need people to work 3rd shift, i feel like i’m always the one getting the shaft.

i feel like they’re taking advantage of me. i worked 14 hours monday, i work 12 hours tonight & then the 8 tmrw. & i work my 8 hour shifts over the weekend too, i’ve already decided i’m not working any more than my 8 hours over the weekend, no matter what. there’s only me & 1 other girl that work more than our 8 hour shifts, nobody else ever volunteers, its ridiculous. so who do they ask? me & brandy, because i feel guilty if i say no.

there’s a spot open for first shift & i called my don to ask if she had talked to the administrator yet about me going to 1st & she hadn’t, but then tried seeing if i would come in earlier than 6. i said i would see what i could do but i wanted to say, “really lady? find somebody else to do it.” because this is getting old quick & i’m going to get burnt out even quicker. ahhh.


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i finally gave in.

for awhile now, since adam & i first started seeing eachother, dustin & adam would bring up times when they use to hang out with me & bryan ..or times when they would hang out with bryan. & how they just wanted him to ‘break the rules’ & have some fun rather than go home at a certain time to be with me. all along, since they’ve talked to me about this, i’ve been debating on writing bryan a short message or not, telling him i’m sorry that i had ever treated him that way.

today, i gave in. just about a half an hour ago, i wrote bryan a message, telling him the story with dustin & adam and i told him i know it doesn’t really matter now, but that i was sorry that i had ever treated him that way. that there should have never been ‘rules’, that it should have never been up to me who he could & couldn’t hang out with & when. i told him that whether he read it or not, it was ok with me, because at least i know i attempted to write him & apologize for the way i treated him. & then told him i hoped he was doing well.

he surprisingly, wrote me back fairly quick. he wrote back, “wow. thanks for writing me. that makes me feel good to know that you do feel that way. i never thought about you that way & i never minded the way you treated me. i’m doing really well & i hope with you getting this out of your head, that you are doing good too. thanks again for the message.”

so, that put a smile to my face. & i felt kind of giddy afterwards, maybe its just because i talked to bryan. like mom says, i’ll always have some sort of feeling for bryan. we dated 4 1/2 years & lived together for 3 of them. & he was the first person i ever loved. i think i just think about him so much recently because its been almost a year since we’ve broken up. & because of the way i’m falling for adam. because how much i care about adam.. is starting to turn into the way i really felt about bryan. & to be honest, it kind of scares me.

i do feel like i ‘love’ adam, but i’m not quite sure that adam’s ready for that. when we lay down for bed at night, he looks at me.. for long periods of times sometimes. & when i ask him why he’s looking at me, he says, “what? i can’t look at you?” or after we kiss & he just stares into my eyes. i wish i could read his mind. parts of me think i should say it first, because i am the one that initiated our first kiss & he told me, “if you wouldn’t have kissed me first, you’d probably still be waiting because i’m shy when it comes to things like that” or he’s told me, “you know during our first kiss, i felt like it was my first time; i was nervous & excited all at the same time.” 🙂 then tonight, when we were texting, he asked if i wanted to come over, but then said he probably wouldn’t be up for much longer; so basically he just wanted me to come sleep next to him, but i said i was just going to stay home, then i said “goodnight babe <3” & he asks, “whats <3?” & i reply with, “its a heart, duhhh” & he answers back with “?”. which i’m assuming was his way of asking why i put a heart. & i didn’t know what to say, so i said, “nothing, why what’d you think it was for?” & i’m assuming he fell asleep bc he didn’t answer back. i don’t know what to dooooooo.

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leona lewis- better in time.

here are the lyrics to my overall feelings towards bryan..
It’s been the longest winter without you
I didn’t know where to turn to
See somehow I can’t forget you
After all that we’ve been through

Going, coming thought I heard a knock
Who’s there? no one.
Thinking that I deserve it

Now I realize that I really didn’t know
If you didn’t notice you mean everything
Quickly I’m learning to love again
All I know is I’ma be ok

Thought I couldn’t live without you
It’s gonna hurt when it heals too
It’ll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I’m gonna smile cause I deserve to
It’ll all get better in time

I couldn’t turn on the TV
Without something there to remind me
Was it all that easy
To just put aside your feelings

If I’m dreaming don’t wanna laugh
Hurt my feelings but that’s the path
I believe in
And I know that time will heal it
If you didn’t notice boy you meant everything
Quickly I’m learning to love again
All I know is I’ma be ok

Thought I couldn’t live without you
It’s gonna hurt when it heals too
It’ll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I’m gonna smile cause I deserve to
It’ll all get better in time

Since there’s no more you and me
It’s time I let you go
So I can be free
And live my life how it should be
No matter how hard it is I’ll be fine without you
Yes I will

[Chorus: x2]
Thought I couldn’t live without you
It’s gonna hurt when it heals too
It’ll all get better in time
And even though I really love you
I’m gonna smile cause I deserve to
It’ll all get better in time

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better in time.

again, i haven’t written in a long time, but i’ve really been thinking here lately.

its the first of october & last year at this time, i still thought i was going to spend the rest of my life with bryan; i still thought we had that “spunk” we needed in our relationship to keep it going. i knew it was hard with him being an hour drive away & we had been arguing a lot, but i still thought we had enough love & connection to keep our relationship going even though he seemed to be so far away. little did i know that he had probably already had the thought cross through his mind, more than once, to break up with me. to be “single” to see how life was because he “thought he might have missed out on something during high school.” during this whole time, i was oblivious, i thought things were great, we’d never break up.

its amazing how many things have changed since then. first & foremost, i feel i have gotten over bryan for the most part. of course i still care about him & probably think about him every day; but he was my first love & there may never come a day when i don’t think about him. second, i had altogether lost 42 lbs because of bryan. i dropped out of 2 of my classes at the time & then ended up dropping out my 2nd semester because i was having such a hard time dealing with the thought of us not being together. i have now gained back about 12 lbs, but i’m okay with that. its showing that i am happy again, i feel i am completely happy now for the first time in so long. in almost a year.

i’ve kept about the same amount of friends, but then i have gained friends. people have told me, “you were so bitchy when you were with bryan.. but now you’re so mellow & fun.” which of course makes me feel good. adam & i were talking about first loves & i told him it’d be a year me & bryan broke up in mid-october & he says, “a year already? wow, seems like that went by fast.” & you know what.. it seemed to take forever at the beginning, but honestly now looking back on it, even though i remember it like it was yesterday, this past year has gone by pretty fast..

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“she’s ‘just’ the water girl”

So, mom’s been hounding me to write, so I figured I probably should.

I took a college class my senior year of HS, I ended up earning 10 college credits for that one class. My teacher was the type that you could go to if you ever had a problem & she’d be more than willing to help you. Whether it was with class work, or problems at home; she always sent that vibe that she was ready to take on whatever challenge you threw at her.

Although she taught me a lot in the 9 months I had class with her, there’s always this one thing that will stick out. She’d always correct us girls every time we said, “When I’m a nurse & not ‘just’ a CNA..” she’d always say, “Never say ‘just’, forget the word even exists, you’re not ‘just’ anything, you’re a CNA & that in itself is something to be proud of.”

Anyways, going on with my story, I was in a resident’s room the other day at work filling water pitchers with fresh water & ice & one of the residents was asking why her toothbrush & toothpaste had been moved off the side of the sink, where she had always kept it. And her daughter was in the room & she goes, “Oh, its fine mom, I’ll look for it, she’s ‘just’ the water girl.”

Although I didn’t say anything, I was really kind of upset at first. ‘Just’ the water girl? Where does she come off saying that? One, I am a CNA & proud to be at that. And two, the word, ‘just’ had gotten to me; Even if I was the water girl, is that not satisfying enough for you? It seemed like she was sort of talking down to me.. ‘just the water girl’. Pff. I continued filling water pitchers & couldn’t stop thinking about what she had said. & then later that day, one of the nurses was talking about a facility she worked in.. “But back then, I was ‘just’ a CNA..” & I couldn’t help but keep thinking about what our teacher had taught us.

Nobody in my eyes, is ‘just’ anything. “She’s ‘just’ a 2 year old, she’ll learn.” But that two year old is quite cute & you don’t know what you’d do without her, do you?

I don’t know.. JUST something I’ve been thinking about.. 🙂

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me lately.

so i haven’t written in quite awhile & mom keeps hounding me about it, so i figured i should write.

i would write about work, but then i’d just complain. i could write about school but then i’d do just the same.. so i guess i’ll write about my “love” life because i’ll only complain a little bit there. 🙂

last time i wrote, it was probably about jesse. i went a good month & half going crazy over jesse, wanting to be back with him just for him to turn me down every time. then he’d get my hopes up, to shoot me down again. thennn adam came along. 🙂 obviously i’ve known adam since we were little kids & i had a crush on him when i was younger, but which of my brother’s friends did i not have a crush on at some point or another? anyways, to make a long story short, we’re “seeing eachother” right now, but not yet official. that in itself is a long story..

i love spending time with adam. he’s always got my going, laughing like crazy. we can seriously just sit there in his room & talk. about anything. & we’ll laugh along the way. sometimes we have to wait to catch our breath because we’ve got eachother laughing so hard. last night we were talking & previously i had said my nose itched & he said, “really? they say when your nose itches that somebody’s thinking about you.” so then last night my nose was itching & i was like “ahh i can’t get it to stop itching” & he goes, “it itches because i’m thinking about you” & i go, “oh really? for the first time today” & he just started laughing & said, “that smart ass comment came off way too easy for you”. & we both just started laughing. its great, i love the connection we already have. a lot of people say they can see us dating & having a good future together & really, so can i. we just need to get the little things out of the way, so that we can start our relationship. 🙂

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“sometimes you have to forget how you feel & remember what you deserve.”

so, for some odd reason.. today has been the first day since mine & jesse’s argument last tuesday that i’ve actually sat down & not been able to get my mind off of him. idk what it is or why. its really bothering me tho. i really dont understand why.. jesse treated me like crap & always blamed me for things i didnt even do. its like he was trying to find ways to not be with me the whole time. & this time, this relationship; i know its not my fault. because i know jesse’s immature & i never should have thought that he was actually going to be ready for a long-term commitment. which is what i want, its what i always want.

matt said to me the other day, “you know, it seems like you’re out to find a forever-thing & nothing short termed.” & i said back, “yeah, short time is only fun for awhile; i feel like the short-terms are a waste of my time” he agreed. ugh its aggravating. i can’t stand it tho, WHY do i even care?

its exactly what the quote says, sometimes, you DO have to forget how you feel and you have to remember what you deserve, because i know damn well i dont deserve how jesse treated me. i just dont, nobody does. its not right.

..lately hanging out with adam has been amazing. we have so much fun, he makes me laugh. i love when a guy can make me laugh. adam has me laughing ALL the time; there’s never ever ever a dull moment with him. we can be sitting there, not talking about anything & i’m still having a good time. adam & i haven’t come out & told eachother we like eachother, but i’m pretty sure its obvious. duhh. we don’t always have something to say to eachother, but its never awkward either. sadly, i am excited to see what becomes of us.


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a good day.

“i’m going to be the girl that your ex girlfriend hates, the girl that your mom loves & the girl you’ll never EVER forget”

today.. i woke up at 11 & came upstairs, went to the bathroom & decided to jump on the scale. 129.4. how in the world do i keep losing weight? moms going to flip when she reads this & sees that i’m still losing.. but i AM eating. & no, i’m not doing drugs.

so.. i went & hung out with jesse today. of course when i got there, he had that “i dont care” attitude again. i wore shorts up there & a fitted tee. after a minute of me standing there, he looks at me & says, “you would” & i had a feeling it was about something i was wearing, but i just ignored it & sat down. we ended up talking about a lot. i told him i couldnt/wouldnt be with him if he kept accusing me of things & telling me, “we’re done”. & he said ok and that he wouldnt do it any more. he told me again that he wants to be with me, but he’s scared that i’ll hurt him.

at times, we kind of sat there in silence.. while watching tv, across the room from eachother. i asked him, “what are you thinking about?” & he just smiled at me. i asked again & he said, “you probably already know, so idk why you ask.” he walked out of the room, came back in (which would be behind me, so i couldnt see him) & he walked right up to me & just kissed me. for quite awhile. i was pretty shocked, but just took it in. & when we stopped, he said. “that. that is what i was thinking about.” heyy.. no complains here. 🙂

after awhile, we ended up cuddling & kissing more. i told jesse that i didnt want to have the type of relationship where we had sex, but were only friends. & he goes, “ok? so we don’t have to have sex then.” he sounded like he was surprised i had said it, kind of made me think he wasn’t expecting sex to begin with. & of course somewhere throughout our talk, we both asked the other if they’d been with anybody else. we both replied with “no”. so thats good.

i had noticed jesse’s ex gf brittany had kind of stopped talking to him on his fb & i asked him why. he said she asked him if she could go visit jesse in CR.. drive to his place from her’s.. which she lives in the QC. & jesse told her no, that it wasn’t a good idea. she asked why & he told me he had told her that he was thinking about getting back with me & that he still had a lot of feelings for me. apparently brittany said he was stupid for wanting to be with me again & then hasn’t talked to him since. that made me feel good. i never did get the feeling that brittany liked me, but hey what can i do about it?

while cuddling, i asked jesse what he meant when he said, “you would” when i had walked in the door. he goes, “you would.. walk in my apartment, looking all sexy” HA! thankssss. 😉 i replied with, “idk about that” & he followed with, “i do.” after kissing, jesse looked at me & said, “i love you.” ohh boyyy.. then just be with me already. of course i told him i loved him too.

he had made plans to hang out with friends.. so i was only there for about 2 1/2 hours, but i think enough was accomplished. jesse also told me that he wanted us to hang out more, like we use to. (not as much obviously, but more than seeing eachother every 2 weeks like we have been). & i agreed, so we’ll see. he now works thursday-monday & gets every tuesday & wednesday off, so that kind of stinks that we only have 1 day off together now. but hopefully it’ll all work out. he also told me to text him or call him later & before i ever had the chance to text him, he was already texting me. 🙂

i sure did miss that boy. him kissing me was like i fell in love all over again. seriously, after he kissed me, i couldnt stop smiling. i felt like a little school girl. haha.

..hopefully this one goes in my favor & we get back together!

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i remember saying after me & darrell broke up that i wanted to be chased. i wanted somebody to be so involved around me & crazy about me, like i had been about bryan. and then darrell. & now jesse.

mom pointed out to me while me & jesse were dating that that was how jesse was with me. there was never a day that passed by that jesse didnt tell me i was beautiful. whether i had just got done puting make-up on, or if i had just opened my eyes, just barely waking up, to see him looking at me. me, my hair all a mess & my make-up smeared from sleeping on it. “you’re beautiful,” he use to tell me. & he use to send me the most random text messages, “i love you”, “i cant wait to see you”. he use to send me texts saying, “you’re so amazing. i love how you make me feel.”

i miss how jesse use to let me fall asleep on his chest. all cuddled up, his arms around me, my head on his chest; him kissing my forehead. one time, i had fallen asleep next to jesse on his living room floor; i woke up to jesse puting an arm under my shoulders & an arm under my legs. he lifted me up & carried me to his bed. like i was a baby.. something he didnt have to take care of, but wanted to. i remember just wrapping my arms around him. you know.. like a scene from a movie or something, on the couple’s wedding night. that was how he carried me..

i hate how when we talk, we usually start off good, but end up arguing. jesse’s scared that i’m going to hurt him. i’ve lied to him once, a little innocent lie, but apparently it was enough to scare him. he’s scared that because i have lied to him before, that it’ll be so easy for me to do it again. when i dont want to hurt jesse, i want to be with him. but he’s scared, he really is. whether he actually admits to it or not, he has this guard, like a wall.. surrounding his heart because he doesnt want to be hurt. i actually think thats why jesse’s been around.. 14 not 43 mom, lol. but because he knew it was just for the fun, knew nothing serious was going to come of it.

jesse admitted to me after we broke up that he was starting to scare himself with the words he said to me. when he started telling me that he wanted us to move in together & could see us together for a long time. i could see those things too; but i told him that i dont make way-out-there future plans because i had before & i’m not about to do it again, just to get shot down. but in a way, i think i did. because if i hadnt.. why would i honestly be this hurt?

what jesse & i need is to get together & just talk. about everything. how we feel about us, about our relationship, our friendship. everything. but jesse has this little shield up to protect him. he’s scared. he’s really confusing actually.. he wanted to surprise me tuesday by coming by WL. he had even talked to matt about it, but then texted me at 3:30 tuesday morning to say he didnt know whether it was a good idea or not because, he’s “frustrated with me. …with us, the whole situation”. so am i! this definitely hasnt been a walk in the park for me.

jesse seems to think this whole thing has been easy for me. because the day after we broke up, i went downtown with friends to drink & dance. what was i suppose to do? sit at home & cry? i’ve done that before, i’m not doing that again. like mom said, i can’t afford to lose another 40 lbs because of some boy. i’ve actually lost about 5 since jesse & i have been broken up.

my plan: is to not contact jesse & let him contact me first. i’ve done this twice now. the first time, was because jesse told me he needed his space; then a day & a half later, he calls me at 3:30 in the morning to tell me he loves me. the next time i did it, lasted about half a day, when jesse texts me saying he’s done with me, because he heard i supposedly hung out with his bestfriend. umm no. definitely didnt do that one. but as you know, we didnt stop talking.

i just want jesse to realize that he misses me. he admitted yesterday that he does love me. which made me feel good but then wonder why we’re not together. ahhh. i almost feel like i want this more than i wanted me & bryan to get back together. i cried so much more when bryan & i broke up.. but like i told mom today, its not that heartbreak gets easier, but you already know what it feels like & whats going to happen next, so its not as big of a shock as the first time you get your heart broken.

moral of the novel i just wrote; i miss jesse karl. =(

i want him back.

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jesse & i were suppose to talk on the phone after he got off work yesterday, but instead he texted me & asked if i had to work on tuesday. i said i didnt & he asked me to come up so that we could talk & hang out then. because he wants to, “do this in person”. whatever that means..

idk what to expect, idk if he’s planning on asking me back out or if he’s planning on us just being friends. i have nooo idea. i’m scared, nervous. everything imaginable.

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